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Various Videos of my songs from live performances

( to see these full screen click on the titles in the windows and you’ll go to ‘YOU Tube’)

A  video excerpt of a new live show at Tokyo Disney Resorts featuring “New York City Beat” which I originally wrote for their very successful show “Rhythms of The World”.

This is the Japanese video of “Sea of Dreams” with the original english vocals. We’re not sure how a ‘fan’ got a hold of our original recording but it’s nice to see the video with the English lyrics!

“Sea of Dreams” was chosen as the 5th Anniversary Theme Song for Tokyo Disney Sea. This video was made to promote the yearlong event and the song was recorded by Japanese pop star Misia to our Audio By The Bay track.

“Meet & Smile” is a cute character show in Tokyo Disney Sea featuring several versions of several of my songs; “Meet & Smile” which was written just for this show, as well as a couple of character versions of “Sea of Dreams”. It’s in 2 parts. You’ll have to click on the link and watch it on YOU TUBE...

“The Flintstones Show” from the 90’s at Universal Studios Hollywood, music by Kavanaugh and lyrics by Kavanaugh & Barbara Epstein.  Epstein also directed and produced this amazing show.  We miss the very top of the overture.   Don Grady orchestrations!

Japanese pop star Misia singing “Sea of Dreams” live in concert.

“The Dream Goes On” with subtitles and photos from Tokyo Disney Resorts.

“Sea of Dreams”  A Remix/Dance version. No visuals but pretty funny...

DREAMS ARE UNIVERSAL premiered in Osaka, March 2011 with three songs by Kavanaugh & Goldsmith: the opener (and finale) - “Dreams Are Universal”, and the third and fourth numbers, “Simply Magical Moments” with the characters, and “A Kid Again” featuring a magical red balloon.  With fantastic orchestrations by Alan Sylva and wonderful direction by Sylvia Hase, the music was produced once again by Bob Wackerman and Paul Freeman of AUDIO BY THE BAY.

George Pinnachio interviews the amazingly talented cast of HAVING IT ALL for ABC news!

“Because Of You” performed by the kids at OCHSA in honor of Ralph Opacic and his 25 years of service.  What a great job they did on this!